Sennheiser Announces HD 620S (2024)

Distraction off. Open sound on.

The new HD 620S breaks from the pack with contemporary tuning and soundstage that defy the closed headphone category.

Wedemark, Germany – May 8, 2024The Sennheiser brand today unveiled the freshest member of the acclaimed HD 600 series, offering audiophiles a compelling take on closed headphones for private, reference listening without compromise.

“The hi-fi community has clamored for a headphone with the best traits from our 600 series, yet isolates them from distractions at work, home, or in-between,” said Audiophile Product Manager Jermo Koehnke. “Not only does the HD 620S deliver on that promise, its immersive imaging and brilliant impulse response make it an exceptional listening experience for every situation where a higher level of performance matters.”

The family tree At the heart of the HD 620S is a custom-tuned 42mm dynamic transducer made at the brand’s state-of-the-art Tullamore, Ireland transducer plant. It carries forward the smooth and effortless sound found in the open-back 600 family with a modern, airy signature that balances honesty with deep and articulate bass. Thanks to a high damping factor, the 150-ohm aluminum voice coil excels at speedy transients and well-defined instrument tails for punchy dynamics across the entire frequency spectrum—a boon for audiophiles and passionate gamers trying to consume as much detail as possible in a given moment.

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Situated in an iconic chassis beloved by audiophiles, gamers and streamers alike for its long-term wearing comfort, the HD 620S elicits a sense of confidence while providing an instant sweet spot. Metal appointments not only feel great to the touch but serve an acoustic purpose as well–the steel plate closing off the back volume is an efficient isolator that manages the internal reflections that cloud the purity of an acoustic signal within. The angled baffle is remarkably open to encourage the free movement of air, modeling the behavior of open-back transducers while recreating the triangular imaging of a great loudspeaker setup in an expertly tuned room. This immersive presentation drops the listener into the center of the action with impressive cue location, whether it is a rare live concert recording or massive online multiplayer showdown.

Case closed Open headphones are an audio purists’ favorite, however closed headphones are invaluable for listening when isolation from the world around the listener is essential. Audiophiles are accustomed to trading the natural response and wide imaging of open headphones in order to keep distractions at bay, or from disturbing roommates, spouses and coworkers. No doubt, the HD 620S is a breakthrough in real-world performance, offering the dramatic soundstage they want absent the fatiguing, boxy sound associated with sealed cans.

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You have new connections The HD 620S was built to last with a metal-reinforced headband and earcup housings. An included storage pouch keeps dust at bay with ample space for the detachable cable too, for tidy keeping. The 1.8 meter cable terminates to a single-ended 3.5mm stereo plug with an integrated locking screw for the included 6.3mm adapter. Available this summer, an optional balanced 4.4mm cable will let audiophiles tap into a growing range of hi-fi devices supporting the popular connector. The HD 620S shares the twist-and-lock single-sided cable design with other Sennheiser headphones, giving the user plenty of aftermarket options including different lengths and an in-line microphone.

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Pricing and availability The HD 620S is currently available for pre-order, and begins shipping on June 6th 2024, and will be available from select retailers and at with an MSRP of €349.90 / $349.99 USD.

About the Sennheiserbrand

We live and breathe audio. We are driven by the passion to create audio solutions that make a difference. Building the future of audio and bringing remarkable sound experiences to our customers – this is what the Sennheiser brand has represented for more than 75 years. While professional audio solutions such as microphones, meeting solutions, streaming technologies and monitoring systems are part of the business of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, the business with consumer devices such as headphones, soundbars and speech-enhanced hearables became part of the Sonova Holding AG group of companies in 2022, who have licensed the Sennheiser trademark for this purpose.

About Sonova Consumer Hearing Sonova Consumer Hearing offers premium headphones and hearables – primarily in the true wireless segment – as well as audiophile headphones, hearing solutions and soundbars under the Sennheiser brand. The business is part of the Sonova Group, a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions with headquarters in Switzerland and more than 17,000 employees worldwide.

Sennheiser Announces HD 620S (2024)


Is Sennheiser HD 620 closed? ›

Sennheiser has unveiled a new closed-back headphone to add to their HD 600 series. Following the HD 820 that came out in 2018, the new HD 620S promises an immersive, “out-of-head” listening experience in a portable form factor suited for private listening.

What is happening to Sennheiser? ›

In May 2021, Sonova Holding AG, a Swiss cochlear implant and hearing aid manufacturer, acquired Sennheiser's consumer audio division, which produces a range of headphones and home entertainment speakers, for €200 million.

What is HD 620S closed-back audiophile headphones? ›

The closed-back HD 620S is for audio enthusiasts seeking a distraction-free listening experience without compromising on natural, airy and detailed sound. Featuring a remarkably open baffle and angled transducers, it replicates the spatial imaging of loudspeakers while keeping listening sessions secluded.

Is Sennheiser a Chinese company? ›

Today, Sennheiser is one of the world's leading producers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission technology. The family-owned company operates its own plants in Germany, Ireland and the US and is active in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Is Sennheiser out of business? ›

In March 2022 Swiss hearing aid company Sonova (called Phonak until 2007) acquired the consumer products business of Sennheiser. This includes all consumer headphones which continue to be marketed under the Sennheiser brand.

Is Sennheiser high end? ›

Sennheiser has a wide range of headphones that range in price and intended use. If you're an audiophile, you know this manufacturer as one of the key players in high-end reference headphones.

Is Bose better than Sennheiser? ›

The Bose is more comfortable and stable. They have a more neutral sound profile, which some may prefer, and their ANC feature can reduce noise more than Sennheiser. They also have a longer continuous battery life. However, Sennheiser has better overall microphone performance.

What is the Chinese name for Sennheiser? ›

森海塞尔 : Sennheiser (bra... : Sēn hǎi sè ěr | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.

Is Sennheiser the audiophile brand? ›

Since 1991 the Sennheiser Tullamore plant has been at the core of audiophile innovation. It has long been the main facility for manufacturing the transducers used in many of the brand's audiophile products. It's also where the acclaimed HD 600 series headphones have been manufactured for over two decades.

Do closed-back headphones sound better? ›

Enhanced Bass: If you enjoy a more pronounced bass in your music, closed-back headphones might be the way to go. The sealed design can emphasize low frequencies, giving you a more robust sound experience.

What do audiophiles look for in headphones? ›

It offers detailed, wide and accurate soundstage. It has high resolution, transparency and separation features. It is designed to optimize the music listening experience.

Are audiophile headphones that much better? ›

The answer is a definitive yes. Audiophile headphones produce sound accurately, giving you the experience of listening directly from live. But the best audiophile headphones are those that provide a better bass response. And the bass response is different for each.

What will happen to Sennheiser? ›

Sennheiser and Sonova will operate under the Sennheiser brand umbrella and provide Sennheiser customers with best-in-class audio solutions. Marlow, UK, 4 March, 2022 – Combining the future of audio with the delight of hearing, the Sennheiser Consumer business is now officially part of Sonova Holding AG.

Who is the new owner of Sennheiser? ›

Sonova completes acquisition of the Sennheiser Consumer Division and forms a new business. Stäfa (Switzerland), March 1, 2022 – Sonova Holding AG, a leading provider of hearing care solutions, has successfully closed the previously announced acquisition of the Consumer Division from Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co.

Is there fake Sennheiser? ›

For the most part, counterfeit Sennheiser products are offered for sale at internet auctions or on specially created webpages. We are working actively to live up to the quality standards we set for ourselves, and to give our customers the Sennheiser quality to which they are accustomed.

Does Sennheiser make closed-back headphones? ›

Introducing the Sennheiser HD 620S closed-back audiophile headphone.

Are the HD 650 open or closed? ›

The HD 650 has all of the perks of a high-performance sports car and none of the quirks. This open-back headphone is beloved by audiophiles for its musical, non-fatiguing sound while still offering intimate levels of detail.

Is Sennheiser HD 599 open or closed? ›

Also the Comfort is Superior

The HD 599 features an open-back over-ear design. Thanks to the large ear cups with soft replaceable ear pads there is no pressure on your ears, only sound.

Are Sennheiser Game One open or closed? ›

This wired gaming headset can't be used wirelessly. Good for gaming. The Sennheiser Game One have great sound quality, a comfortable design, low latency, and a good mic that filters out a lot of noise. Since they're open-back, they have a slightly more spacious soundstage than other gaming headsets.


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